Coffee at The Well - Virtual Small Group Bible Studies
Topical 5-6 week studies designed to bring together women of faith for fellowship, study of the word of God together and to listen to topical teaching each from her own home. The virtual small groups are a way for you to join with other women of faith from across the globe to study the word of God and listen to topical teaching each from your own home. The studies are small ranging from 5 to 10 women to a group. The studies will focus on key truths about Christian life and growing our faith and walks all while allowing you to connect with other believers and be part of Christian Koinonia (community).
There is no cost for the studies however you will need to purchase the book that each study is based upon. Click here for more information

Intentional ACTS of Prayer - Virtual Small Group Study
One thing the Lord has taught me over the course of time is when you are woman of prayer you are a woman of power, if you are a woman of power you are a woman of purpose, when you are woman of purpose you are a woman of FIRE!
The Intentional ACTS of Prayer bible study is the first of our Coffee at The Well study groups. It is a powerful 5 week study on prayer designed to transform you to the woman of prayer, power, purpose and fire the Father has called and created you to be.
We will cover The Power of Prayer, A Defined Prayer Life, Prayers that Produce and more. This study is for believers at every stage of their Christian life, for the new in faith who find prayer to be challenging to the mature who simply want to grow a richer, bolder more fulfilling prayer life.  
There is no cost for the study however you will need to purchase and have a copy of the Intentional ACTS of Prayer prayer journal for the study.
Intentional ACTS of Prayer bible study will begin Monday November 5th.

Water From The Well - Virtual Small Group Bible Study
This study is based upon Water from The Well and is limited to 15 women to protect the integrity, transparency and confidentiality of the group. We will be working through the 31 day journey to help heal, build, restore and refresh broken souls. 
The cost of this study is free however you will need to have ordered and have an actual copy of Water From the Well and the Workbook to go through the study. During this study Tony R will be sharing directly from her heart and the Word of God to encourage you in your walk and strengthen you in your journey.