Monday, March 11, 2013

Well Watered Woman presents Regina Baker 03/14 by Well Watered Woman | Blog Talk Radio

Join Well Watered Woman Talk Radio host Tony R for week 3 of the "After This You SHALL Live" series. This Thursday March 14 at 5pm pst (7cst, 8est)
Through this powerful series we are presenting dynamic women of God who have been through the unthinkable trials and tragedies of life and have come out victorious.
These women are defying the stigma and pain of the past, to walk in the life God intended them to live. They are women who are living proof that After This You Shall Live.
Our special guest this week is Regina Baker. Known as the “Keeping It Real” certified biblical, internet & offline marketing business consultant Regina knows what it’s like to really“let go and let God.”
When faced with the devastating news of her late husband’s diagnosis, “terminal cancer,” Regina sought out for the real understanding of how faith and letting go and let God would help her through the difficult times ahead.
While the journey wasn’t an easy one, it was the best time of her life. She formed a relationship with Jesus Christ, studied the word on a daily basis and received a “peace that surspasseth ALL worldly understanding.” After a two year journey and going through the process, and becoming a Certified Biblical Consultant, Regina enjoys helping others to get past their pain to their power.
Be sure to listen in!
Well Watered Woman Talk Radio - Real Women, Real Talk about a very Real God.

Well Watered Woman presents Regina Baker 03/14 by Well Watered Woman | Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Beyond Fear!


Fear is a powerful emotion that will keep you from your future based on past painful experiences. Fear is a protective mechanism the mind uses to shield us from potential pain. Fear is the only emotion that can literally paralyze, and cause you to refuse to move forward. Fear is the polar opposite of faith, you can trust God and live in fear to the point where you are stuck in your past and present. Faith propels you forward, while fear will keep you glued to one spot. Fear will keep you from applying for that better position because you were denied previously, fear will keep you from getting medical attention because you are afraid of what they'll find. 

Fear will keep you from trying to purchase a home because you're scared your credit will hinder you from obtaining a mortgage, fear will keep you from becoming a husband or wife and being joined with someone who will adore you because your heart was hurt in a past relationship. Fear will keep you from the "life more abundantly" status Christ has promised to His children ...... 

A few weeks ago I went to have some dental work done, it was the first time in a while I had been and while I'm not one who is easily scared, this was something that had me gripped in fear ..... Traveling back some years, I was working for a school that didn't offer health insurance, thus dental insurance was not available to me, and we all know such out of pocket expenses can leave a huge hole in ones pocket. 

There came a time I needed a tooth pulled so it was suggested I go to the state who had various dental labs designed for none insured clients and the cost would be little. Already in pain I found an office close to me and went (I won't tell what state this was) when I was set up to have the tooth pulled I was given a very TINY needle of Novocain and soon after the doctor began to pull the tooth. When I literally screamed in pain I was then notified with two assistants holding me that because I was uninsured that the tooth was coming out with that little bit of medication and with that he went back to pulling the tooth, which didn't want to come out easily. To say I have NEVER in my life felt that kind of pain before was an understatement! Even now years later, the memory brings tears to my eyes!! 

That experienced for years kept me FAR from the dentist, even after I started receiving insurance, I kept far from the dentist. I was blessed not to have major issues, but this year I made the choice to get over my fears and to start getting things in the best possible health and to set good habit example for my son, which meant the dentist. My co-worker had been raving about a dentist so I decided to get it together and go! Walking into the office my blood pressure must have been through the roof!, my heart was racing, my hands were sweating!!, I was AFRAID!! ..... But in my fear the dentist was so kind, so gentle and what once WAS my biggest fear now while still not my favorite place to visit, is a place I can go to with ease knowing that my dental needs will met (in fact with confidence I am heading there again today to have a long over due issue repaired!, and while it's not what you would call a pleasure trip, I go knowing that when I leave my smile will be all the more pretty. Lol)
Fear of our past, fear of hurt, fear of rejection, fear of pain will keep us from the abundance of God! Fear is a weight and God admonishes us to lay aside every weight that so easy besets us, so easily can overtake us!! Faith says, God I may have been hurt, I had this happen to me in the past, I don't know what the future holds, BUT I trust You even if pain does happen. I trust You to heal me and to take me through whatever may come. Faith tells God I surrender myself to You. There are people who won't step in elevators, won't sit in small spaces, won't eat certain things, go certain places because they are afraid, the past has marked them with doubt. 
Trust in the Lord, have faith in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Let go of fear and allow God to lead you, when you trust The Leader, there IS no reason to doubt or fear because you have confidence in their abilities. 
Today I encourage you to swap fear for faith and let God order your steps. God will not lead you to destruction, but into peace.The word of God lets us know to fear NOT for He is with us. Fear keeps us away from God, while faith will always draw us closer. ".....AND FOR THIS I GIVE YOU PRAISE"
Andrea Jenkins