Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years and My prayer for you all.

I pray each of you have a blessed and prosperous year. I pray the year 2009 finds you growing closer to him than ever before. I pray that this year finds you walking in the will, purpose and destiny that God has ordered for your lives.
I pray this year finds you burning with a holy dissatisfaction, no longer being satisfied with the last move of God in your lives but a burning, unending, unyielding, gripping hunger for more of the Father, no longer satisfied with religion but crying out with a burningburden for a deeper, closer relationship with him.
I pray that each of you see a sweeping move of God in your homes. I pray for marriages, that God would strengthen them and cause you to be more united than ever before. I pray you would walk in love and intimacy with your mate like you've never known before. That your hopes and dreams would become reality.
I pray for those who are struggling in your marriage. I pray that the hand of the enemy be bound up and that the hand of the Lord is loosed to reign, rule and work in your lives. I pray no weapon formed against marriages shall prosper!
I pray that for those of you with unbelieving mates that this will be the year and hour that you see them come into the faith. For those of you with mates that are lax in their walk that this would be the year and hour that you see them burn for Christ like never before, that they would burn with a fire and that they would set ablaze everything that is around them.
I pray that this year would be the year that your children would raise up and sweep their generation for Jesus. That they would walk as a bold army for God and that many would be drawn to the savior because of their walk and testimony. For those with children who have gone contrary I pray that this would be the year that they are turned back to the Father and found walking in his Will and purpose for their lives. I pray the tricks and tactics of the enemy used to entice them away would be broken and defeated. I pray every ungodly and unholy appetite and influence would be squashed and replaced with a passion, drive and love for all things of the Lord.
I pray for a rightness and soundness of mind, that the lies the enemy has fed them would fall to the ground as naught and the TRUTH of God would be revealed to their very inner-man!I pray the hand of the Father would weigh so heavily upon them that they would begin to cry out with a heart of sincerity YES LORD, YES!
For those of you who are single I pray this year you are more fulfilled in your walk and relationship with Christ than you have ever been before. I pray for those of you who are single and embarking on a journey towards marriage that God would keep you until that day and that you would want to be kept. I pray that your betrothal is full of joy, love and learning. That purity and a love for the Lord would be your guiding force.
For those of you who are going through trials and struggles I pray that you would be strengthened for the journey and that God would encamp a host of angles and a band of intercessors around and about you to gird up your legs that you might be able to stand.
For those of you who are experiencing loss I pray that God himself would comfort you and that by the Holy Spirit you would feel his loving arms around you and know that he has embraced your hurt and you can trust him with your grieving heart. I pray that strongholds be torn down in your lives this year and principalities be bound and broken. That fear and worry would not find a ruling or a resting place in your lives and homes this year.For those suffering from depression I pray that the bands of sorrow would be broken. That you would know the joy and gladness of the Lord in a way that you have never known or experienced it before. I pray that darkness is exchanged for light. That your burden would be lifted and that you are brought out of the fog and into the F.O.G.The VERY Favor Of God over your life. That you will have a song to sing and a story to tell of how Jehovah God brought you out! How He has not forgotten about you.
I pray that this would be the year of healing for all you who are hurting and wounded.
I speak blessings over each of you today. I speak the blessings of the Lord over yourmarriages, your families, you relationships, your finances, your health, very lives.And may each of you walk in the fullness of what the Lord has in store for you this year 2009!
Blessings and continued prayer,

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