Monday, July 6, 2009

Who Do Men Say That I Am?

On June 25th the world was stunned and flung into mourning at the sudden and very unexpected death of musical artist Michael Jackson.
Reports of his death, life and everything in between have been the center of media attention the world over.
There have been many tributes, honors and accolades concerning his musical abilities and artistry. Mr. Jackson was a dynamic singer, incredible dancer, producer, and a master of his talent if you will.
His musical artistry touched and influenced the lives of countless numbers of people including myself in my younger years.
I remember receiving my first Jackson 5 album as a birthday gift, I’m sure I played that album so often the vinyl could have worn out.

Watching the many people, friends and fans as they were being interviewed, sharing who and what Michael Jackson was, has been interesting. Listening to all the descriptions of him, what I wasn't hearing overtook all that I was hearing and left a deep sadness within me.

As I listened Mark 8:27 fell on my heart; Jesus asked the question of the disciples; “who do men say that I am?”
The more I meditated on that verse the more I realize that at some point just as the question is now being asked concerning Michael Jackson, that question will also be asked of each of us. Whether in life or death people will tell and say who you are and were or at least who they “think” and/or “thought” you were.

This really started me to think on whom “do,” men say that I am…
Who am I? I often say that I'm a wife, a mom, a homemaker and friend but who am I really?
Being a wife, mom, mentor and friend are all great things and I am grateful for any praise or testimonies on my behalf in those areas but more than that, I want to be known as a woman of God, a woman after His own heart. I want to be a legacy maker; I want to leave a legacy of souls, lives and hearts that have been impacted for Christ. I want to leave a legacy of love and a life that served others, that helped advance the Kingdom of God.
If I am a wife that topples the proverbs 31 woman, if I am named a mother of the year, if I’m called best friend, what does if profit me if my husband, kids, family and friends cannot see Jesus in me? If I am not shining a light that reveals the glory of our God, the true and living God who is able to change, save, heal and deliver what exactly is left.

Making and receiving achievements, honors, and accolades are not a bad thing, in fact they are good and better if done to the Glory of God. Setting records and making history is a good thing too. However, in achieving these things we must be mindful that as believers our greatest reward is in serving the Lord and making “HIStory”. God does not record history in the same way that man does. Our earthly works will be tried by fire (1 Cor 3:13-15) and really, only what we do for Christ will last. With that in mind, I’m determined all the more to walk a life that exemplifies Christ and glorifies God.

I invite you to examine yourselves, look closely at your life, your walk, your testimony and ask "who do men say that I am"?



Civilla said...

You're right.

Deanna said...

Enjoyed your post today!
And the music says a great deal.

Blessings to you,
'cauz home really is a ministry

Sisters Of Honor said...

I really appreciated today's post. Something to ponder. Thanks for sharing.

Mommy Saves ALOT!!! said...

I wrote a post VERY similar to this...

You did a GREAT job!!!!

Love Abounds At Home said...

Amen Tony! I want to leave a legacy for my children. That's one of the reasons I started blogging. I want it to be a legacy for my children and my grandchildren.

BTW.....Thank you for calling to check up on me today. You know me all to well. You knew I was crying watching Michael Jackson's memorial. lol

Caeseria said...

Very, very well put. Thank you!

Momofsix said...

I wanted to be known as one who loved the Lord with all of heart, soul and mind. One who walked the narrow path, and was a peculiar person for Christ!

My legacy is lived in my walk each day as I show my children what it means to live for him and love him.