Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Time To GLOW

Dear Well Watered Women,
There’s an awesome thing happening in Las Vegas NV and it’s just around the corner, the 5th annual GLOW (Gifted Lady Of the Word) Unity Conference http://www.glowofgod.com/
This years conference dates are October 9th and 10th, and will be held at UNLV.
The GLOW Unity Conference is one of the most incredible events of the year. This conference is designed with God in mind.
It is designed to bring Him glory and to elevate His name over our valley as His women are united in a place of praise, worship and edification.

In today’s post I’m happy and excited to present to you our guest blogger for September: Pastor Grace McKinley Visionary and Conference Director for G.L.O.W ministries.
Pastor Grace is wife to an incredible man of God; Pastor Mickel D McKinley Sr and the mom of 5 awesome children who are all called to serve and are living for the Lord.
Co-laboring along side Pastor Mickel, they are called, anointed and appointed by the Father to pastor Solid Rock Christian Church: http://www.solidrockchristianchurch.com/

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair and see what she has to say. For those in the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas I invite and encourage you to come out to the conference this year, you surely won’t regret it. For those of you who are unable to attend the conference due to logistics, I would like to solicit your prayers for the conference, the speakers, and all the women who will be attending.

And now here's Pastor Grace....

Gifted Lady of the Word of God! I pray the Lord be your shield and your strength. Bless His name for there is no other God so worthy of His praise. In fact there is only one God! Praise him because His name is holy, separate, apart from all darkness; He is the only light in you that can GLOW all over the place.

In the Spirit of “Unity” as stated in Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for
brethren to dwell together in UNITY! I extend a great BIG “Invite” to all of you to come and join in Unity at this 5th Annual Unity Event. This is not just women getting together just because. There are many events in this city we can go to and do just that; even in our own church home and or spiritual circles. This Event is different. The heartbeat of “Unity Conferences – GLOW” is to Champion the Cause of Jesus Christ as we Unite, Refresh and Connect together with others we normally don’t see or would never connect to.

Isn’t it scary that our churches are some of the most “segregated” bodies of people? This Unity Event brings together Diversity and Differences and shouts “Jesus is famous” so who cares what we look like, what church we go to, what mission trips we having taken, what denominational differences each of us may have! It brings to life Psalms 133:1 in its entirety.

I challenge you lady, to not keep this event to yourself, I challenge you lady to not just ignore this celebration. I challenge you lady to tell more than 10 people you know about something that isn’t born and bred from your own inner circle and share this openly and excitedly. Do you really believe that Unity in Las Vegas is possible?? Think about it – there is over 800 churches in this city alone how could we possibly unite? Are we all too busy promoting our own agendas to see how this is just one more trick the enemy holds against us and we think it’s no big deal. Guess what? We must have “You” to unite. I can’t unite alone and it would be a total shame if only those who know of me or GLOW come and unite – otherwise there would be no point in TRUE Unity. As a matter of fact, it would be just another conference.

Will You? Will you take action and spread the word? Will you make a difference like you know you can? Will You be the first to break the mold? Will you share this with many many others (email is a powerful tool)? You can also share your gifts in a great way at this event by volunteering, becoming a speakers, singing at the event, help decorate, set-up, clean up, write a poem, join the prayer walk, be a conference rep, sit on the Conference board, become a Unity junky today. Be a part of someone’s testimony, someone who will go back to their day- to- day church homes and lives; transformed, renewed and restored in the most unique way ever. This conference will minister to your whole woman, your ministry, your personal growth, your spiritual life; if you come on the journey with us you will be able to take back to your local church home and abroad the gift Unity and you too will GLOW. EMERGE – Proverb 31 Lady in the 5th Annual Unity in the Community Event of the year.

With much love and in the Spirit of True Unity,
Grace – Conference Director

Don’t wait to register on-line today for only $10pp (lunch included) if you come with another lady; otherwise, its $15 for one person online and $20 at the door. Visit Heavensent Bookstore and get 1 ticket for $10 there as well.


Valencia said...

This sounds like a life changing conference. I wish could attend because whenever women come together there is a always a breakthrough!!

Deanna said...

Hi Tony!
Blessings to you from Kansas.
It's been awhile since I said howdy. "HOWDY!"

I ache to go to a conference!!!
Can't attend at this time, but believe that God will meet and bless the women as needed.

I hope to sit outside and enjoy the comfortable temperatures and unwind. I'm feelin' my age in my body!!!
May you have a blessed Autumn,