Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update on special prayer request for "K"

I heard from Kyler's mother and they are very appreciative of our prayers. Please continue to lift Kyler up before the Lord as we steadfastly seek God for his complete healing and recovery. Also pray for them, they will be heading out to a major cancer center very soon. As the time of their trip draws closer I will implement a 24 hour prayer clock for Kyler.
My desire is to ignite a firewall of prayer that does not go out neither by day or night so I am asking please make sure you are able to follow through when signing up.
I will be building the clock on 15, 30 and 60 minute increments.
If you are able and willing to COMMIT to praying with us email me at prayer-team@wellwateredwoman.com   Please note this is very serious and not to be entered into lightly. If you are serious about praying please email me the time(s) slots that you will be able to commit to praying specifically for Kyler daily.

If you are part of other prayer networks please feel free to invite them to pray as well.

Blessings and thank you all for praying.

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