Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Continuing to pray for Kyler

I want to thank those of you who are faithfully praying for Kyler.
He is still in the hospital and we are continuing to keep him steeped, soaked and bathed in prayer.
My God what a courageous young man Kyler is as he faces this challenge in faith.

The bible declares the prayers of the righteous avail much and I believe God's word to be true.
As the righteous let us continue to intercede and travail for this young mans life. Let us continue to pray and speak words of life over him.  Let us pray for his strength, for his encouragement and for his family.
Cover his parents in prayer, ask God to strengthen and gird them up like never before. Allow them to bond together as a family so closely during this trial that it could not be severed.

They are in need of wisdom in finding a new surgeon let us pray for that God sends them to the precise doctor/surgeon who is not only skilled and adept in his field but that he is anointed and appointed for the job as well.

We also still have time slots available for the 24 hour prayer clock for those who are willing to sacrifice part of their day to pray consistently for Kyler.

Until next time,

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