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A Christ Conscious Lifestyle

Dear Well Watered Women, I have a treat for you,  a guest blogger.

Today we are welcoming back to the Well my very dear friend and sister, LaTara Ham-Ying.
This lady is a very dear and precious friend and sister to me. She is someone who has inspired me, encouraged me, stretched my faith and strengthened my walk. LaTarah is one of the most authentic women that I'm blessed to know. God has blessed her to not only live her life in an authentic way but to help other women do so as well. LaTara's passion is to help others live the authentic life the Father has called and created them too according to the word 
She has found great success in life, business and at large by walking free from the standards and strategies set by the world and walking her life out according the the truth of God's Words.
 Please join me in welcoming LaTara back to the Well as we dive into  part 1 of "A Christ Conscious Lifestyle."


Are You Living A Christ Conscious Lifestyle

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Tony for allowing me to share in her space for a few days over here at Well Watered Woman. I know that Tony provides excellent content that helps you to grow and become more in Christ. It is my prayer that in some way I do that same.

The Life, Love, and Liberty Blog tour was created to show women that YES you can live; YES you can love unconditionally; and YES you can be liberated!

Be sure to pay attention to the information after the post because I am having a giveaway for each leg of the Life, Love, and Liberty Blog Tour!



Please note that while this posts speaks about the work at home, the message it applicable to any Child of God. You do not have to work from home to have a Christ Conscious Lifestyle.

I have watched over the last year how many work at home women have become self-centered, focused on their business and what they can gain, and all about the mighty dollar trying to keep up with the next I made over 6 figures guru. Many have either given up, became superficial in their business dealings, or keep recreating themselves trying to be like Mike or Michelle…whichever you prefer.

Their lifestyle has become one that is missing a main component and it shows in their actions, attitudes, mixed up belief systems and more. One of the reasons I am an advocate for the Christian entrepreneurs is because we have to get a to a point of understand that our ways or not God’s ways, and our thoughts are not His thoughts; and our businesses must reflect that fact but often times they do not. There are more Christian work at home women conducting and living a lifestyle outside of God’s will then ever before and that is because of a tainted vision that has been placed in their path.

What do I mean? I am going to tell you but some of you may not like what I have to say. That is ok because I often tell folks that my goal is not be liked; but to keep it real and truthful straight from the hip! So here we go.

Have you ever heard …

1. The Law of Attraction is Christian

2. A positive way of thinking leads you to success

3. God wants His children to prosper financially

Those are only a few but three very important concepts to discuss.

The first one talks about a belief system that factors out obedience and the will of God. How?

When was the last time you read in the word that the Universe will make room for you and what you want? Yes there are scriptures that say we can have the desires or our heart and that if we ask we shall receive. However if you read those scriptures carefully you will see that we play a part in it as well. There is something we must do…and it is not just to ask.

The second one often leads to imbalanced thinking. I know I know positive thinking is a good thing however what I find is that many folks, especially women have a warped sense of what it means and they will end up wearing rose colored glasses that distort their reality. I find that many of them are more fake than anything else because their perception is off.

The third one is a great one. God does want us to prosper financially I believe however what we have to realize is that many of us will not because we are trying to do so outside of God’s will. We want to live the way we want to and move away from the vision God has for us because we are scared about what it might imply.

This type of thinking leads us to live a lifestyle that is not pleasing to God and causes us to misuse the skills, talents, and gifts we have been trusted with.

What are we to do with these facts? How do we adjust our own thinking so that our lifestyle is more Christ Conscious instead of self-conscious!

On Friday I will share with you what a Christ Conscious lifestyle is and how we can develop and maintain a lifestyle that is a please sweet aroma unto the Lord!


Please be sure to share your thoughts on this topic. This week while I am visiting Tony I will be sharing in the conversation here on her Facebook page. At the end of the tour there will be winners from each blog I visit. But you have to comment and it must be a relevant comment to count as an entry.

For Tony’s blog I will be giving away a copy of Max Lucado’s “Fearless” book. It is perfect for learning more about life, love, and liberty in Christ!

Looking forward to talking with you this week!

LaTara Ham-Ying a certified herbalist, writer, Biblical Life Coach, entrepreneur, and the Founder of Integrated Woman Ministries; a coaching ministry that focuses on helping Christian work at home women find their true path through abundant integrated living. She emphasizes the use of practical Biblical Strategies for healing, transformation, and living in the NOW for a better life and business. Visit Integrated Woman Ministries today and learn more about the IWM VIP FREE membership option for Christian work at home women

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