Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Lesson In Little Pebbles...

Today I want to introduce you to a very special friend of mine, Andrea Jenkins.
Andrea is a delightful woman of God who I am so blessed to call friend.
She is a mom, a minister, a singer, a writer, a teacher and well to be honest, she just is!
Her love for God is evident in all that she says and does.
When Andrea shared this note she had penned with me I knew I had to share it with you all.
I knew it would bless, encourage and strengthen many of you in your walks with the Lord.
Please join me in welcoming to the Well, Minister Andrea Jenkins.

Be blessed,

Minister Andrea Jenkins
Have you ever been out walking somewhere and you trip or stumble a bit?, not enough to make you fall, but just enough for you to fear loosing your balance? Yet when you look down to see what it was you tripped over you don't see anything?, whatever you tripped over was so small that you couldn't detect the culprit? Often in our Christian walk it's not the huge things that cause us to loose balance, but the small things that seem to have little significance, or the tiny stuff that catches us off guard so quickly that we almost don't realize something has taken place.
One of the greatest shortcomings of those of us who walk with Christ is underestimating the tactics of the devil, we don't always remember that he is very strategic and deliberate in his actions and takes time to study us before launching an attack. Satan knows what will get us going, he knows that we won't outright steal, but he also knows that if a sales clerk gives us to much change back we may not say anything, we may not openly declare how much we think someone has received something we want or think we deserve over them, but when we see someone getting attention we ourselves believe we deserve and desire, how the little green eyed monster will arise from the deep!! It's not the big boulders in our way that will cause us to loose focus, but it's those small subtle things that can cause us to take our eyes off God just enough to where regaining focus may take some effort.
A few days ago I experienced that little “pebble in the road”, my natural eye saw something that disturbed me that cause me to focus on it, and uprooted insecurities that I daily work on. What I saw was so slight, what I saw was by "accident" but it had enough of an impact to cause me to trip, not enough to fall, but enough to have to refocus my attention, center myself, collect my emotions and redirect my focus from what my natural eyes saw to what God had shown me. Now a few days later I see how something so small, just a glimpse, just a moment of doubt, just a flash of a lie can turn your whole focus upside down if you're not careful. Satan doesn't put those huge distractions in our view to take our eyes off of God, or to cause doubt, all he has to do is throw a little hint of something, a little doubt, a little nudge on our self-esteem, he doesn't have to hit us with a huge bat, he can just poke us with a stick just at the right time to cause a domino effect in our lives, and the closer we get to our "Promise Land" the more Satan will try these little cheap shots that can cause delays in our manifestation. We don't have to loose faith in God completely to get off track, a small dose of doubt, a small hint of fear, a teaspoon of jealousy or anger, a slight outburst can cause great damage. Have you ever noticed a small crack in your windshield, a slight dent in your bumper, or a nick to your paint job?? It wasn't a huge rock that caused this often times it was a tiny pebble that hit your car just at the right angle at just the right time, and just right speed, but a pebble that has now caused damage that will now take a lot of money to repair. Perhaps you've had the experience of spraining an ankle, you're walking along and something tiny hits your foot just the right way causing you to slip and twist your foot the wrong way. You didn't fall, you didn't break your ankle, but that slip, that moment of being caught unaware now has your foot in an ace bandage, propped up with ice. Those little things can cause big headaches, and a great deal of unnecessary pain and frustration.
Many of us are so close to the promise, to that thing God spoke into our spirits that we can not allow the tiny stuff to tip us over more then ever we have to keep our minds and heart protected. We have to condition ourselves to use our spiritual senses and not allow our eye, ear, and mouth gates to be infiltrated by those tiny virus germs that can have us laid up on our spiritual sick bed wondering what in the world happen.
This was a lesson I experienced and wanted to share with you, to encourage you to remain alert, to activate your spiritual motion detectors, to be aware that it's not always the big attacks on our lives that will bring us to a place of instability, but we need to be mindful and watchful of the more sneaky and often times low key ways Satan may try to worm his way into our camp. None of us can afford to allow the slightest distraction overtake us, we have to stay on constant alert, always on guard, and quick on our feet to recognize those little things that may be the thing that will cause our eyes to loose focus.
I encourage you on today to look at things through your spiritual bifocals, listen with your spiritual hearing aids, and to speak using the proper spiritual dialect. The devil may have weapons formed, but they don't have to take us over, they don't have to prosper... the key is to be spiritually aware and spiritually alert.

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Anita H. said...

This is quite an insightful post. I identify with so much of what you said. The bible says," No weapon formed" against us would prosper. He did not say they would not b e formed against us. I've had those near misses, but thanks be to God; He always causes us to retain our balance and encourages us to journey on. I plan to return and enjoy more of the site. may God prosper your ministry.