Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water From The Well... are you ready to jump in?

Have you all ordered your books yet? Many of you have and I am blessed by the feedback and positive responses I 'm receiving.

I'm also very excited about what's coming up next. I will be leading a local group of 15 ladies on the 31 day journey of Water From The Well and it is going to be a blast. After being asked by many and much prayerful consideration we will be doing online groups as well.
The groups will begin February 1st and are limited to 15 women each to keep the intimacy, transparency and confidentiality of the group intact.

I would absolutely love to have you all join us for the journey. It is going to be refreshing and real. I will be sharing directly from my heart and the word of God to encourage you in your walk and strengthen you for your journey.

There is no cost attached to the groups however you will need to have an actual copy of Water From The Well to participate and each participant in the groups will receive a free pdf download of the beta Water From The Well workbook. You will also need to be committed to the journey and  committed to growth.

If you are interested in being part of the groups please email me at

I encourage you to invite your friends to come along for the journey. If you know of a woman or women who might be broken, weary in her walk or in a wilderness season; I especially implore you to invite her/them to join us.
You can order your book as well as share the link to the book with others here. You can also view and share the video trailer here.

As an FYI the online groups are able to be formated for ministries small women groups if you are a pastor or leader who would like to do this with your women's group please feel free to contact me at

Excited about our journey.

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Love Abounds At Home said...

I'm excited! I will be ordering my book on Jan. 20th for the online group.