Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Be Not Dismayed - Only Believe

I woke up with such an excitement about the Women of Destiny cruise/conference and what we are going to experience in God.

I also felt the weightiness of the hearts of women who are desperate to go but can't see a way. As I prayed for you all this morning I felt strongly in my spirit to tell you, just because you haven't seen it yet doesn't mean it isn't coming. Don't get in despair or depression get in a place of expectancy because the Lord wants to meet you at the place of expectation.

He reminded me of Jairus who needed a miracle for his daughter. As Jesus was coming he was delayed by another woman's needs. As Jairus watched someone else get a miracle the news came that his daughter had died. Many of you are like that today, you are watching everyone around you get their answer to prayer, get their miracle and yet your situation, your hope, your desire seems to be dying as time draws closer. Without skipping a beat Jesus said, Fear not: believe only. He later told them the little girl is not dead only sleeping.

Today God wants you to know your situation situation is not dead, delayed does not meant denied.. fear not only believe. Is there anything too hard for God? He is the God of the impossible and he makes impossibilities come into reality. If this is for you and you would like our prayer team to pray with and for you in agreement to attending the conference/cruise please email us at:

We will be lifting you up by name as we stand in agreement for your provision.

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