Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jambalaya -

Ladies tonight is YOUR night!

Denise Lawson from Relevant Word Ministries has an incredible weekly event designed with you, you and YOU in mind. It is Jambalaya and I promise it will bless you.

Here's what Denise has to say about Jambalaya: Cajun Jambalaya is known as "Brown Jambalaya" in the New Orleans area; to Cajuns it is simply known as "Jambalaya." Cajun Jambalaya has more of a smoky and spicy flavor than its cousin Creole.

We know as we cook our meal (s), there are certain ingredients that goes in each dish. However, some dishes calls for some of the same ingredients. JAMBALAYA will be a format as we begin to cook or lay out the foundation of lives, we must “Lay ALL the ingredients on the table”.

JAMBALAYA will deal with the main courses of: Self-Esteem, Entrepreneurs, Depression, Relationship, Addiction, Fear, and many more. We are going to lay the ingredients on the table for all of these main-courses and begin to add the flavors and spices to cook these dishes and make them to what God has intended for us to live our lives.

Jambalaya is held each Wednesday night at 8:00PM EST/ 7:00PM CST and 5:00PM PST
Tonight's ingredient on the table is Acknowledgement and abandonment issues.

The conference call number for Jambalaya is: 218-862-6400 You will need an access code to enter the call and the code is different than the prayer line code.

In keeping with Denise's vision and heart to provide a safe place for women to be ministered too as well as to ensure that it is ladies only on the line I will not post the code here.
If you would like the pin code please email me at and I will sent it to you. You can also access Jambalaya on the Relevant Word Facebook Fan page here.



Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea

Mary Moss said...

Sounds amazing! I hope I can participate!

Well Watered Woman said...

Bless you Andrea!
Mary I hope you can participate as well. Be sure to email me if you need the access code.

Rachelle said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog so much! I have a award for you over at my blog