Friday, August 27, 2010

Let Us Pray

Today my heart is heavy as I pour over the prayer requests I have received. There is an abounding number of  request regarding housing situations.

So many families right here at the Well are in need prayer regarding housing and the danger of losing their homes. Many are facing foreclosures, while many others are facing evictions and some simply need to move to more affordable housing or to move out of difficult living environments
While they each have different needs be it favor, finances, wisdom or direction all of them have a need to know the mind of God for their situation.
Some of them are in need of finances that are being held up to be released, others need increase, others need employment and others need a safe place to go. My heart breaks today at the needs of others.

As I am praying for our sisters (and brothers) in Christ I want to ask if you all will join me in praying.
Two are better then one and there is power in praying in unity and one accord.
Will you join me in lifting your hearts and voices to cry out and intercede for these families.

Join me in praying for favor with the financial institutions, favor with the courts, favor with the landlords, release of finances, increase and strength. Let us pray for their encouragement and their faith to remain. Let us pray for their hope to continue to be found in Christ and that no matter what the outcome they will yet be able to say bless the Lord anyhow.

Let us pray...

There is something amazing taking place at Tea with Tiffany.
It's a time of prayer, petition and praise and you can check it out here:


Love Abounds At Home said...

Praying! God knows what they need. He is so mindful of our needs. Believing for miracle testimonies to forth.

Wanda said...

Joining you in prayer Tony. You might consider linking this post with Tea with Tiffany, who is hosting Sweet P's, a prayer gathering from Friday to Sunday.

Wanda said...

Sorry for the bad link Tony. try this one

Denise said...

Joining you in prayers.

Tea with Tiffany said...

Father God, I lift up each person or family who is in need right now. I pray for peace and provision for them as they are struggling with issues such as unemployment or financial burdens or housing needs. Please LORD come and be among them. Show Yourself faithful. Lead each one to a place of rest and allow them to come up out of these trying situations with greater joy and intimacy with You. Do not abandon Your people. We can trust no matter where we go, You God, are with us. Be with those who need You more than ever. In Jesus name, Amen.

(I invite you next week to join Sweet P's by writing a prayer directly to God and linking up. This way those who visit can pray along with your heart and offer an amen or further prayer, praise or petition.)

Until then, may the peace of God be with you and yours.