Monday, November 29, 2010

God Delights In Using Broken Vessels

As Well Watered Woman we at times only see our brokenness.
We see clearly our cracks and fissures. At times we feel like we are of no use or poor use at best as servants to the Father. But because we look through a glass dimly we only have limited vision and what we see as flaws God sees as opportunities to water the lives of others around us. Be blessed and a very special thank you to my friend Carolina for sending very this timely reminder my way by way of this message.


There is an old story that tells the tale of a cracked water jug. Every day, a servant carried two large jugs on a shoulder yoke down to the well to fetch the day’s water. One jug was new and sturdy, while the other was old and had a crack in it. It wasn’t a big crack, but it did leak enough so that by the time the servant got back to his master’s house, the jug had lost almost half its contents. This usually meant that the servant had to go back for more water during the day.
This continued for years until one morning the servant woke up and heard the jug crying. When he asked what was wrong, the jug expressed its sorrow at being such a poor container. It lamented over causing the loss of so much water and creating extra work for the servant. The servant immediately got up and took the jug down to the well path and asked the jug what it saw. There, in the early dawn, the jug saw that the side of the path where it leaked water on the way back from the well was a riot of flowers and fruiting vines, whereas the other side merely grew grass.

The servant told the cracked jug that he could have bought a new jug at any time – his master was a generous and practical man – but that he had kept the leaky jug because it’s constant dripping had created this garden of delights. Furthermore, he said, the joy the he got out of the beautiful flowers and delicious fruits as he walked up and down the path was worth every extra lost drop and every step. And so the jug learned that what it had feared as its greatest flaw was actually its greatest gift.

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Wanda said...

Praise the Lord! This lifts my spirit this morning Tony. Thanks for sharing.