Friday, December 3, 2010

Just what has been on my heart....

Hello everyone/
This is a powerful note from my son Reggie. He shared this on his personal page and has given me his permission to share it with you all. I think it is a very profound message and prayer that challenges us to reflect on where we are right now especially as we prepare to exit 2010 and enter into 2011.

My prayer has been for the past few weeks that I don't wanna live my life for just me. That I live my life that other benefit from it. In doing that my desires have to be lined of with the Fathers. I was talking to a good friend on Tuesday and he gave me some helpful knowledge on this. How the word Desire is from the Latin language meaning "Of the Father". Are your desires lined up with the Fathers?. This shook me in such a way that I had to evaluate everything I was doing. I had to check myself and ask am I doing this just because it sounds cool?, or it sounds like the right thing to do?. Or am I doing do this because it is Gods will for my life?. As you read this note I really want you to take the time out to ask God are your heart's desires lined up with his.

Lord I repent to you for neglecting your will and desires for my life, Forgive me for doing what I wanted to do instead of following you with everything that I have. Forgive me for being full of myself at time Lord I want my life to resemble you. I wanna be Holy like you are God. Teach me to Love how you Love. Give me a passion for the lost and the ones who need your guidance. I want to be a burning sacrifice in my city that will show your glory and majesty. God I want to hold your attention. For holiness I live, I live for you. Awaken the sleeping giants that may rise and take their place. Raise up the leaders that will prophesy over these dry bones. Raise up your forerunners that will prepare the way for you Jesus (Lk. 1:16-17). God pour out a double portion of anointing on this generation. Move over your people. The anointing that you placed on John the Baptist may you place a double portion upon us. Bring the Reformation that will open up the door for Revival. Heaven come down, Your Kingdom, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Open the floodgates. I pray this in your name.
For Holiness we live, Amen
Reggie Robinson

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Heather said...

I recently bought a coat, the height of the UK fashion. But although I loved it. I lost peace. For2 says I wrestled with it. I knew in the end God was telling me He disliked my desire!
My desire for the coat was not His. It was not ' of The Father'
I wore it to church and declared I was reselling it as I knew it was nit Gods will for me to keep. It was worn once and sold3 days later fir the same price I paid.
People think I'm crazy- I KNOW I was right.
Reggie and Tony. Thankyou. You Know it's right too
God bless
I'll visit again
Heather 