Monday, June 27, 2011

Bible Drive


This weekend a conversation with a special young woman that I will call “Mary” sparked something in my heart. She is a beautiful young woman finding her way to the Father and church. Her heart longs for something that most of us as believers take for granted; a Bible. Her financial situation does not allow for her to purchase one yet she deeply desires to possess one so she can begin her journey in the word. She longs for answers about God, life and purpose that can only be found in the Word.
As I left the conversation with “Mary” the thought struck me, how many more “Mary’s” are there? How many more women, men, boys and girls who are thirsting for the Word of God?
There’s something about having a bible of your own that gives you joy. To be able to read, study, feast off the word of God when you have nothing left to hope or cling too.

This thought sparked a desire in my heart to do something, to go beyond me to help meet a need for someone else.

With that being Well Watered Woman is having our first Bible Drive to collect bibles for women such as “Mary”. As believers we tend to have more than one bible and most of us actually have at least one bible that’s just sitting around collecting dust.

I recently heard a minister say something profound regarding seasoned and believers and bibles. He said if we were to lose a $100 dollar bill in our house we would tear our homes up trying to find it. We would look in every corner, flip mattresses, pull out couches empty drawers looking for that lost money, but if we were to lose our bibles we would say oh, I’ll just get another one next week.

There are some people who don’t have that option, they like “Mary” can barely put food on their tables let alone buy a new bible.
We want to make sure that as many “Mary’s” that desire a bible are able to own one of their own. We are asking all who are led by the Lord to send us your extra bibles.
We are excepting any bible new or used that is in readable condition. We want regular bibles, bibles geared towards women, men and even children’s bibles.

Because we live in Las Vegas, a city with one of the highest homeless populations in the nation we will be partnering with ministries who feed the homeless. While they are passing out soup and sandwiches to feed the body, we want to pass out the Word of God to feed the soul. We are excited about this bible drive and believe God to do great and awesome things through your outpouring of generosity and love.

Bibles can be shipped to

P.O. Box 271507 Las Vegas NV 89127

They can be sent in care of Tony Robinson or Well Watered Woman.

We are grateful and want to say thank you in advance for helping to make this Bible Drive a huge success.

Blessings until next time,

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blackfemaleandhappy said...

Homeless people have few possessions, but having a bible is a prized possession and I hope that they will be able to hold on to it AND read it on the regular. I believe it is important to pray over the ministry so that whoever gets the bible is the one who really wants the bible. Homelessness is a very complex issue and carrying around things, especially in hot climates, can be extra burden. Interestingly, some carry backpacks, shopping carts. We like to think at least there is a bible inside. God be with you always