Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Today we hail fathers all over the land, we celebrate and bless them as we say Happy Fathers day.
Today we honor the father's in our lives, be it biological or a father by proxy who supported you and was there all the times your biological father couldn’t or wouldn’t be.
Today we recognized the fathers who have stepped up to the plate and fully embraced all that being father encompasses.
Today we honor our husbands, and/or the fathers of our children, the men who have made it possible for us to be mothers.
Today we honor sons who have crossed over the threshold and are now fathers of their own. We celebrate and encourage them as they stand in manhood and take their proper position as fathers.

As we celebrate Father’s Day I want to say, there is a Father whom we exalt, extol and lift up above all others, and that is our Father GOD.

As we observe this special day I have to stop and ask, "Is There A FATHER In The House?"
Statistics say there are more fatherless homes than ever before and it seems having a father in the house is almost a rarity.
Today’s culture would almost deem a father in the home as unnecessary with it’s offerings of single parenting via artificial insemination and “DNA” donation banks.
However the word of God speaks clearly of the role of a father and the impact fatherhood has. A father’s presence brings a covering over the family and a level of protection.
The father’s presence also brings a seat of authority and command and this is something I can definitely attest too. There are days that my children have tried and tested my patience on every level, but when my husband, their father comes in there is a change straightaway. They recognize his headship in our home. There is also the compassionate, loving side of him that oozes out over them. They know that when they ask him for something he will go out of his way to provide it. They have his heart in a way that amazes me some days.

So often in our walk with God, we know Him as our Lord, our King, healer, provider and friend, but because of the relationships and examples that were set before us by natural fathers, we fail to come to know God as our Father. The Bible declares that God will be a Father to us and we shall be His sons and daughters, He is a father to the fatherless.
He desires and longs for us to come to Him as a Father. He wants us to learn of his fatherly attributes and to know we can trust Him. If you have not done so, as we celebrate the father's in our lives, ask God to reveal Himself to you as Father. Open up the closed spaces of your heart and allow God the Father to come in and heal you, that you might KNOW Him as the everlasting Father.
Perhaps you may have grown up in a home or an environment without a father or a stable father figure; maybe your only experience and memories of your father are faint, abrasive, abusive or even nonce.. Perhaps your father passed away before you really got to know him, today I encourage and implore you to get to know God the "Father."

For those who are single mothers, know that you have a Father to present to your children, a father who is love, life and in whom they can place their hope, and trust. Introduce your children to the Father of Fathers that they might know him and know that while there might not be a physical father in the home, there is a Father in the house. God loves them and longs to show Himself mighty in their lives.

My prayer for this Father's Day is that His very presence and love would be made manifest throughout the land and that daily numbers of "fatherless" homes" would come to know of Him and His eternal love.


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