Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thriving in the hard places...

Yesterday I was having a "moment". I was feeling a bit discouraged over some things that were out of my control. Some things I saw and some things I wasn't seeing. I felt pressed between a rock and a hard place with no hope of breakthrough.

As I walked to work I saw this patch of green in the middle of the sidewalk and as I made the trek I home I saw it again. Actually I see it every day I just never paid attention to it until yesterday evening when God spoke to me through it's very existence.

This bright greenery sits smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk. I have no idea how the hole was created in the concrete but somehow it has become the garden bed of this grass.

Who planted that grass? Who waters it? Despite being walked on, trampled on by people every day including myself it is still there, how?  How is it thriving and bright green in the middle of the sidewalk when all of the grass on the lawn areas adjacent to it are brown and dead from the winter?  The God of the impossible is making it possible.

When I saw this, it gave me hope and served as a reminder that even in the most difficult and hardest of places God is still faithful and able. It doesn't matter what the season is God can still cause you to thrive in the midst of it. You can flourish in the winter and you can bloom in the cold.

God has allowed this patch of green to live, grow and flourish despite unfavorable surroundings and circumstance. It doesn't matter how many people walk over it, smash it or crush it, it is still growing.
It doesn't matter that to the natural man nothing should be growing in the middle of the concrete sidewalk it is doing just that. Who could do such a great thing but God and if he can produce a miniature garden in the middle of a busy sidewalk surely He is able to produce what I need in the middle of my hard places.

If you are struggling with finding your place, finding your peace or finding God in the middle of your hard place, allow this small patch of green to remind you God can cause you to bloom right where He has planted you.

Blessings until next time;


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Blessings and prayers,

Susie Reno said...

Sometimes God has to stop us and make us look at how big the small things are to God, he's so awesome

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