Thursday, June 14, 2012

88 Days...

Last Thursday marked the last day of school and as you can imagine, it was a filled with lots of joy, along with a little sadness.

As the kids arrived at my post I greeted them with the obvious question; “are you excited it’s the last day of school?”  I received lots of yeses, some no’s and some in-betweens.

One answer caught me completely by surprise and really changed the direction of my summer. It came from a first grader who’s normally very quiet but that morning he showed a different side of his personality.

While he and his mom waited to cross she expressed her gladness of not having to make the trek in the heat anymore, he on the other hand expressed something else. With a burst of energy and a broad grin he loudly declared 88 DAYS! I have 88 days off from school!  88 DAYS he said again with so much passion it almost came out as a shout. In reality we only have 80 days off but hey, whose counting right?

His enthusiasm shocked me because it was so out of the ordinary. I was used to this quiet and somewhat introverted little fellow who would offer up a shy smile and reserved good morning every day.

His wide toothy grin told me he had plans to live every single one of the next “88 days" to the fullest. He reeked with excitement; school was going to be over, he would be free and was going to take advantage of every moment. He didn’t disclose his plans and I have no clue if they include sleeping in; playing at a park or endless hours in a swimming pool, what I do know is this; whatever they are he intends to live them on purpose and out loud.

This little boy’s joy was so contagious it ignited a spark in me. Watching the transformation of this shy reserved boy into a cannonball of excitement really got me thinking.

I was excited for school to be out too, but for less stellar reasons, I was just happy the  school year was over. I hadn't given any real thought as to what I would or could do over those "88 days". Seeing his excitement prompted me to go on a journey of 88 days of purposeful and out loud living.

His excitement showed me I don’t have 88 days off just to do “nothing” I have 88 days off to LIVE, to enjoy life, enjoy people, places and things. I can fill my 88 days with purposeful living, truly relishing being alive.

His joy made me want to step into the fullness of life and that more abundantly. It made me want to take a break from the rush of my normal every day to just savor the moment I find myself in.

Much too often life goes at the speed of roller coaster and crazy; a never ending speeding cycle filled with ups and downs. When we buy into the rush we miss the beauty of the small things God wants us to experience and enjoy. Things as simple as enjoying a morning of sleeping in exchange for the normal 4:45am wake up call that snatches me from my sheets or actually getting to enjoy the sunrise, instead of rushing through it as I’m getting dressed and ready for work.

The more I thought about it the more I wanted to fill my days with things that matter, not carelessly waste them away. I want to fill my days with things such as really being present with my girls who like their older brothers before them are growing up all to fast for this momma’s heart.  I want to do things like carve out time to finish writing the 3 books that have been holed up on this computer waiting to be completed.

I want to fill my days with living and whatever I do, like my little friend I want to do it out loud, on purpose and with exuberant joy!

Dear Well Watered Woman of God I encourage you to step into “88 days” of purposeful living. Embrace the things that count, savor the moments you have with your loved ones, embellish in the thing the Father has created for us to revel in – LIFE!

Isn’t it time we gave ourselves permission to take a break from all the stress, pressure and cares of our everyday comings and goings to live?

Jesus came that we might have life and that more abundantly isn’t it time we walk in it?

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