Friday, June 22, 2012

The Power of God to heal, restore and reconcile...

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Last night I had a very real dream of a woman who was broken in her marriage and in her life. Although she believed restoration of marriage was possible she had ceased to believe it was possible for hers.

She wept as she shared her story of hurt, infidelity and more. In the dream I was offering up encouragement that God was able and she looked at me with eyes filled with tears and said but how, how do you know?  I looked at her and said because my friend Bess showed me it was so.

I begin to play the recording of Bess’s testimony. As I shared I saw the light come on and as it came on I saw countless other women listening in and as they listened it was healing for their souls.  It brought freedom from the pain of sin and shame that they had carried for years. It opened the door for them to walk out of the darkness of a secret they had never told out of fear of what others would say or think.
It let them know they were not alone and healing was possible for them. It caused them to know reconciliation and restoration was absolutely possible. The light shined in their darkness allowing them to know forgiveness is possible and love and prevail.

When I woke from the dream I knew that Bess’s story is a story that must be told.  Many are hurting and her story holds the key to their healing. Her testimony is designed by God to heal the masses, to touch women globally and to bring restoration to marriages by the droves.

I was so blessed to have Bess as a guest on the Well Watered Woman talk radio show on March 8 2012. I originally had Bess on to talk about her Health and Wholeness coaching not knowing God was going to take the show to an entire different place. I was not familiar with Bess’s testimony and as she shared it I was moved to tears at the awesomeness of God and His ability to restore and heal not only one’s body, but their souls, their marriages and their lives.

Dear Well Watered Women of God if you are hurting, if you are in need of healing, restoration or reconciliation in your life I strongly encourage you to listen to Bess’s story, you can find the episode above. It will impact you, help shore up your faith and help you to move forward in the healing process.

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