Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hem equals the END

Today I have a treat for you, we have a guest blogger and boy is what she has to say good!
Our guest is my dear friend Andrea Jenkins, some of you may remember Andrea as past guest blogger when she shared A Lesson in Pebbles with us.
Andrea is a mom, a minister, a singer, a writer, a teacher and someone I am thankful to be able to call friend.
Having endured a tremendous season of storms this week we witnessed the awesomeness of God show up in for her. What you are about to read is the profound revelation that was birthed through it all.
Enjoy and be blessed,


As I thought about the awesomeness of God this week, my mind keeps going back to the story of the woman with the issue of blood. he word said that she touched the "hem" of His garment, not the sleeve, not the collar ...The HEM..
When one thinks about a hem you think about the area at the bottom of a garment that has been completed, it is sewn so not to unravel! So first off, the woman had to be close to the ground, at the bottom in order to touch the hem when we are at the bottom of the barrel, when we are at our lowest point, we only have to grab what is within our reach! Even the hem, what we may see as being the bottom of Jesus, has power!! I don't have to be in the face of Jesus to receive a miracle, I can be crawling on the ground and receive just by clutching the hem!! (Oh my God!!) 

 The second thing God placed on my spirit was this....when you sew the hem of an outfit normally that is when the garment is finished, it is normally the last thing you do, when the hem has been sewn, the item is complete. This woman had been to many doctors, used up all her money, but nothing that was done ended her suffering, nothing sealed or dried up her issue, her issue continued, nothing the doctors did ended it.....her suffering didn't come to an end until she touched the hem....The hem represented the end of her suffering, her suffering was over, finished! When we reach out to touch the hem of Jesus' garment, we can expect all that we have gone through and experienced to end!, it's done, finished!, completed! When God puts a period at the end of something, it is sealed never to return!! Mmmmmm 

 Thirdly.....the hem of a garment is designed not to unravel, it is designed to keep the rest of the outfit in tact, it keep threads from hanging and undoing all the work that had been put into creating the outfit in the first place....When God seals something, puts and end to something, completes something, we do not have to fear the old issues coming back! He doesn't leave loose threads that may unravel all of the healing that had taken place. Satan may try to make things look as if old issues has returned, and may send symptoms to trick us into doubting God's ability to do a complete job in our lives, but God does not half do anything, and anything He seals and completes is never to return. We may experience NEW issues, but that which God ended is ended!! The woman with the blood issue was completely healed, she never returned to the state in which she had been healed from!, it was over!!, and likewise when God says issues are over in our lives, we can rest and be at peace that it is over, never to return, never to haunt us!! 

 Thankful for this lesson and revelation, as God is allowing me to turn the corner, I can trust in the fact that areas God has taken me from I don't have to return to. Doors that God closed I don't have to return to! Satan may try to show me little strings, but the same way you cut off strings that hang on an outfit rather then pull them, I can cut off those little strings Satan may use to try to get me to pull at which will cause things God sealed to unravel!! Sub-Lesson....don't allow yourself to unravel the things in our life God has sealed and ended!! Appreciate God taking the time to minister to me on the back end of this season in my life! My desire is not to return to the former things, Lord help me to apply the lesson and allow it to take root in me! 

Andrea Jenkins

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